February Meeting Minutes

Knights of Columbus Council 899
Meeting of 2/2/2021

1. Call to Order by: _Mike Turner, GK at 7:30 pm
2. Opening Prayer: offered by _Mike Turner, GK_
3. Pledge of Allegiance ☒
4. Roll call of officers –

Officer Name P A Excused
Grand Knight Mike Turner ☒

Deputy Grand Knight Tom Schmidt ☒

Chaplain Fr. Rob Cook ☒

Financial Secretary Mike Kosik ☒

Chancellor Rick Schalz/Bill Cutshall ☒

Treasurer Robin Brady ☒

Recorder Jose’ Arroyo ☒

Advocate Gerry Galinato ☐

Warden Jim Waters ☐

Trustee (1st Year) Vern Bauer ☐

Trustee (2nd Year) Robert Herrin III ☐

Trustee (3rd Year) John Murphy ☐

Outside Guard Luis Garcia ☐

Inside Guard ☐

Lecturer ☐

Field Agent Trey Schorr ☐

District Deputy SK Skip Girard, PGK ☒

4th Degree FN Skip Girard ☒

State Officer Joe Dunn, Web Master X
Council Chairmen and Offices ☐

Faith Director Tom Cotner ☐

Family Director Chad Casper ☐

PR Director Bud Lancaster ☐

Community Director Steve Howell X

1. Approval of Minutes:
Minutes were emailed to members today. Approved as read. Make name spelling changes.
2. Chaplain’s Message
A couple of quick things, today is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Thank you for your persistence in doing things differently. Talked to Bob Zimmerman’s family. Funeral is private for Family and Knights as Family. Time has changed to 1 pm on Friday.
3. Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications.
a. Balloting for membership.
(New members, readmissions, reapplications, transfers.)
b. Initiations
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4. Grand Knight’s Report
• Helped Tracy Mosier move. Bill helped as well. Bill paid $82 to rent a UHaul for her. Thanks to Bill for the donation. The woman had multiple brain tumors, so this was very helpful.
• Fraternal benefits event on Jan 19th. It was advertised frequently but only attended by Mike and Gerry. Guest speaker was a Holy Apostles parishioner, not a Knight. Provides home health care company.
• March for Life. A few knights there. We weren’t marching together because of Covid. Began with Mass for Life followed by the March. Invocation prayer offered by the Bishop. Good event.
• Food Pantry Jan 21st same location, Tom, wife Mary, Bill, Dan Fischer and son, Mike and Bruce Divino – good turnout of Knights.
• Idaho Catholic Men’s conference
• Walking Rosary Sunday at 3 with about 6 there
• Funeral for Jeff Ford
5. Treasurer’s Report
Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart Council #899
I will attach the spreadsheet with this report

Attached Spreadsheet with balance information.
Posting Date Effective Date Transaction Type Amount Check Number Reference Number Description

1/5/2021 1/5/2021 Credit $200.00 951040004 Descriptive Deposit Mobile Deposit
1/26/2021 1/26/2021 Credit $440.00 962445328 Deposit
1/5/2021 1/5/2021 Credit $456.00 951040003 Deposit
1/11/2021 1/11/2021 Credit $504.00 954401450 Descriptive Deposit Dues
1/11/2021 1/11/2021 Credit $872.00 954401449 Deposit

1/14/2021 1/14/2021 Check -$74.26 1292 955964155 Check #1292
1/5/2021 1/5/2021 Check -$50.00 1290 950799493 Check #1290
1/5/2021 1/5/2021 Check -$50.00 1289 950799494 Check #1289

Outstanding Checks 1291 $50 Monastery of St. Gertrude
None 1288 $180 Ken Fischer

6. Reading by Grand Knight of Receipts of Treasurer to Financial Secretary and Treasurer’s Voucher of Deposit.
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7. Reading of Bills and Communications.
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8. Financial Secretary’s Report of Receipts of Meeting.
63 Assoc, 45 Ins members – 10 Inactive – 118 total
40 Knights have paid dues.
9. Report of Auditors and Trustees.
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10. Chancellor’s Report on Vocations.
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11. Report of Service Program Committees. (Grand Knight calls on membership and program directors, who introduce their committee directors for their reports.)
a. Membership Director
Online degrees available for 1st 2nd degree members to virtually get to 3rd degrees. Use the code MCGIVNEY2020 for Free Membership for a year!
b. Program Director
i. Church Director
Click or tap here to enter text.
ii. Community Director
Mobile food pantry – 3rd Thursday of Feb – 18th – at Latah Village Apts from 11-1 – Arrive at Pantry to get loaded at 10 am. (Tom Schmidt)
Last month’s pantry visit was filmed by KBOI News for Pay it Forward program. Some Knights are visible doing our work.
iii. Council Director
iv. Culture of Life Director
v. Family Director
Chad – Continued to work on Family of the Month – Recognized the Schmidt family.
Welcome input for January Family of the Month
[8:00 PM] Chad Casper
Family of the month- Poll results and suggested nominations. Brady – Calovich- Sabatino – Fontes – Walker

Faith Director
12. Report of Round Table Chairman
13. Report of Standing Committees
14. District Deputy’s Report
4th Degree meeting tomorrow night.
Bob Zimmerman and Jeff Ford passed away since our last meeting. Both 4th Degree members.
Virtual as well as in person. Family of the Month was selected for State Family. Was not our family this month!
Submit the family of the month to the bulletin! Needs it by Sat noon to get for the following week’s bulletin.

1. Report of 4th Degree
3. Unfinished Business
Need to replace Chancellor Rick Schalz. Bill Cutshall has expressed interest. Has Mike’s full recommendation, active Knight, will be taking the 3rd degree!
Have 38 knights that need 3rd Degree. Tuesday Feb 16th for exemplification during the Social meeting.
Prayer Chain – 6 guys signed up for Prayer Chain. Email address, website link to email address will be part of new website.

4. New Business (Elections 1st item under New Business)
Unfortunately, we will still not be able to have Lenten Meals. It does not look like we are going to be able to have St. Patrick’s Day Celebration either. We are still not out of the woods when it comes to Covid-19.
Fraternal Benefit event. Feb 27th. Trey Schorr sent this out. Mike will forward
State Convention – One Day, Sat April 17th. 9-Noon – Designated Delegates (vote next month)
Need to elect a new Inside Guard and Lecturer
Silver Rose Tour this year. Pick a time and coordinate with Father Rob.
June 14-July 11

5. Field Agent’s Report
Trey Schorr spoke about the remote available to meet about insurance and do Fraternal Benefits Night.

In Memoriam Sick or in distress
1/7/2021 – SK Jeff Ford Deacon Rick Bonney
Bob Zimmerman Deacon Jude Gary and wife
1/29 – Jose’ Arroyo (Congestive Heart Failure) – Jose’s father Bud Lancaster needs prayers, in and out of the hospital during the past few months, prostate cancer
Rob Walker
Deacon Dan Vawser, prostate cancer
Lauri Newby – Covid
Jim Web’s father Dick Webb – Organ failure and not expected to last much longer.
Jenny Fontez – Mike’s neighbor
Rick Shalz
Tom Akovenko
1. Good of the Order
2. Closing Prayer GK Offered final prayer
3. Next Meeting
The next Business Meeting will be Mar 2, 2021
4. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 pm
Submitted by Recorder, Jose’ Arroyo.

Here is the link to the recorded Meeting

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